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December 2, 2015
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ß-Carotene in Plasma / Serum

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β-Carotene belongs to the group of the carotenoids. These compounds are part of the anti-oxidant defense system within the human organism and are protecting cells and tissues from oxidative damage (oxidative stress). All-trans-β-carotene is the quantitatively most important carotenoid in our diet, in human blood and tissues. The RECIPE ClinRep® Complete Kit for β-Carotene provides a unique chromatographical performance. Even the cis-isomers of β-Carotene (9-cis-β-Carotene, 13-cis-β-Carotene) are baseline separated. Prior to HPLC analysis a simple two-step sample preparation (precipitaton, stabilisation) is required.

  • Simple two-step sample preparation
  • Excellent chromatographic performance (separation of cis isomers)
  • Injection interval: 10 min
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